Restaurant Gift Card Deals 2014

It’s my favorite time of year again – when nice restaurants offer discounted gift cards! There’s a couple of reasons why I love discounted gift cards: 1. I love food 2. I love deals 3. They’re a great way to meet the minimum spend on a credit card When playing the restaurant gift card game, […]

Should I Use Hotel Tonight?

I’ve been hearing about this Hotel Tonight app a lot lately and with nearly $81 million in funding, I figured it was time for me to do a little investigation into what it was all about. Its name, Hotel Tonight, and concept honestly kind of go against everything I believe in – booking a hotel at […]

Sign Up for Small Business Saturday to Get $30 FREE!

While hoards of people will be waiting in line to get deals on Thanksgiving Day or Black Friday, I’ll be sitting back and relaxing until my favorite holiday of the year (at least from a savings perspective) - Small Business Saturday (Saturday, November 29). For those unfamiliar with Small Business Saturday, it’s a holiday made up by […]

Spiegel Restaurant Review

lifelaidout writer, Kevin, recently got the opportunity to try a new LES restaurant called Spiegel. Here are his thoughts on the food and tips on how to optimize your experience! Named after a movie producer, Spiegel is located on the border of the Lower East Side and the East Village. Like any good New Yorker, […]

Are You Overpaying for Your Toiletries?

When I first moved to NYC, I used to get my toilet paper and paper towels at my local D’Agostinos while I was grocery shopping. I’d buy a small 4-pack of toilet paper or a 2-pack of paper towels. After a short while, I discovered that Duane Reade and Rite Aid actually had more competitive […]

Save Up to $40 Using Uber and More!

I wrote about Lyft, a taxi alternative, a couple of months ago because I was given 50 free rides in a two week period. Once that two week period ended, I switched back to using NYC taxis and UberX for my non-subway transportation needs. I’ve particularly found Uber very easy to use lately. Their app […]

Are Food Festivals Worth It?

Kevin, a long-time reader, just signed on to be lifelaidout’s new food contributor. We’ll formally introduce him in a post in the next couple of weeks, but today, he explores whether food festivals are worth it. Recently, I spent an afternoon with some friends at the Taste Talks All-Star BBQ event. The premise is great […]

10 Questions to Ask Before Buying a NYC Co-op

After months of looking at listings, going to open houses, and getting into bidding wars, you finally get an offer accepted to buy your “dream” NYC co-op. You’ve crunched the numbers and think the purchase price and resulting monthly payment (maintenance + mortgage) is reasonable. But not so fast. Here are 10 questions you should […]

Leaving Goldman Sachs to Create a Healthcare Startup

I love talking to people about their life paths and especially their rationale behind key points in their careers. Maybe it’s because I’m nosy, or maybe it’s because it helps me realize that no two paths are alike. While it may seem like you are following a similar path as someone else, as time goes […]

Meet lifelaidout’s Newest Contributor: Alberto

I met Alberto a couple of months ago through work and since then, we’ve traded our knowledge of credit card strategies, investment decision-making, and everyday life hacking. I’ll be honest – there are few people I’ll listen to or believe when it comes to my money. Alberto happens to be one of those people because […]