Why I Dumped My American Express Platinum Card

I remember deliberating whether to get the American Express Platinum card for over a year. What drew me to the card was access to most U.S.-based airport lounges, but I couldn’t get over the mental hump of shelling out a $450 annual fee for a credit card. Still, after working through the economics, I got […]

Gucci Guilty Review and Giveaway

I’ve been wearing the same cologne for 6 years now: Tommy Summer 2008 and Kenneth Cole Black. While I still love to rock the Tommy scent on a daily basis, I haven’t been liking the Kenneth Cole one lately. But lets face it, I’m not the type of guy to spend an afternoon trying on […]

For Sale: Stunning 2-Bedroom Apartment in Midtown East

It’s been just over a month since Jenn and I settled into our new place, but I can’t stop thinking about what the listing is going to say when we have to sell this apartment in 5-7 years. Unfortunately for you, I don’t think I’ll be able to think about anything else until I get […]

Cost of Owning a Car in NYC

Over the last month, I’ve rented a car twice – the first time to do some light moving and the second time to take a trip to Blue Hill at Stone Barns. Each time, I’ve been pretty surprised by how much it actually costs to rent a car. For 4 hours on a Sunday, it […]

One Easy Way to Make Free Money While Shopping Online

For the past seven years, I’ve made money off of every online purchase I’ve made. It wasn’t because I was incredibly talented at finding coupon codes, patient enough to wait for sales or secretly running an eBay business in my home. It was because I’ve been taking advantage of cash-back shopping, and often combined those […]

The “Half Your Age” Workout Challenge

I was at the gym the other day thinking how disappointed I’ve been with my workouts. I do some push-ups, maybe throw in some knee bends, and then call it a day after 30 minutes. Now that I just turned 32, I can feel my body breaking down, but I don’t want to let it. […]

How to Save 50% Off NYC Cab Fares in May

I typically don’t like taking cabs that much cause they’re expensive, not necessarily always faster than the subway, and I get car sick easily. If I’m headed to an area where a subway can readily get me there, I’ll generally go the subway route all day long. And for going to JFK Airport, I’ll almost […]

Warning: The Mortgage Process Can Be Deadly

I really wanted to post an article last week, but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Lately, all my energy has been devoted to this damn mortgage process. Believe it or not, the process started in January, and it continues to haunt my free time today. Here’s what’s been going on and why […]

How to Choose a Mortgage Banker

When I first started the process of buying an apartment in New York City, I thought I’d just choose the bank that offered me the lowest interest rate. But I soon realized that many other aspects were just as important as the rate on the loan — if not more so. Customer Service. Getting a […]

Clothing Tips for Short Men: A Chat with Brock from The Modest Man

I recently stumbled upon a blog that provides clothing tips exclusively for men under 5’8″. I know what you’re thinking, and I was thinking the same thing too. Finally, someone else understands! We’re no longer alone in this larger than life world where nothing seems to fit us. The founder, Brock, and I got a […]